For The Love of Pumpkin

For all you pumpkin haters out there, I want to make my case for pumpkin. Now, I can’t attest for all pumpkin-obsessed food bloggers out there that stock up dozens of cans at a time but I’d like to explain my affection for the lovely orange mush.


I’d like to state, for the record, I do not, will not eat it straight. It has to be in stuff.

Like pumpkin waffles.


The second thing I’d like to set straight about pumpkin is that more than the actual pumpkin, I adore the spices that are associated with it. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Ginger. Clove. Allspice. I have love for them all. That’s why things like Pumpkin Spice Mistos are a glorious thing.


And how can you possibly hate anything so vibrant and happy?!


And the top reason for my affection for pumpkin?

Um, it’s a vegetable!

And any chance I get to “hide” a veggie serving into my breakfast by way of waffles or pancake , dessert by way of cheesecake or cookies or my dinners by way of risotto or pumpkin curry chili!


Take your normal batch of chili, add 2 cups of pumpkin, 2 Tbls of curry powder, and a splash of water. I promise you won’t taste the pumpkin but it makes the meal more nutritious and gives it more dimension. I promise.


One serving of pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin A and packs in 5g of fiber and 2g of protein. The way I see it, it’s no different than putting black beans in brownies or spinach in shakes. Give pumpkin a chance!


One Response

  1. I love pumpkin! I should try it in a savory recipe, like chili or soup. I have only used it in sweet recipes, like cookies and pancakes and bread. That chili looks awesome.

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