Phoenix: Day 3: The Good Egg, Reunions

There are some really special things in Trish’s house that we all love seeing.

I loved seeing the cross-stitch I made her.


And the stained glass we gave her.


The most special things were kept in this cabinet.


Everything in here is from her childhood. From pictures of her parents to their prized possessions to puzzle books she did as a child.

303 304 308 309311 314 318

It was such a treat to see all these things – they weren’t here last time we visited. We had a good time going through it!


Sunday was a really special day for me. Jodus and I drove to Mesa (~ an hour) to meet up with an old old friend for brunch!


Mariel and I were buddies back in middle school. We haven’t seen each other since I left Lakenheath in May 1999! Can you believe it?


It was a trip and absolutely fantastic to spend a couple of hours chatting away with them at The Good Egg.

I ordered the caprese omelet.


And proceeded to annihilate the potatoes, english muffin, and put a nice dent in the omelet.

It was sooo great to catch up! We are in the process of talking them into moving up here now.

On our way down to Mesa, we stopped at one of Jodus’ friends from High School and chatted for an hour or so but alas, I did not get any photos. It was sort of a last minute thing.

On our way back up to Anthem, we had a couple of Jamba Juice gift cards burning a whole in our pockets.


I got the all fruit pomegranate berry one.


And the boy got an immune booster peach something.


We ran a couple of errands on the way home, like replacing a bird feeder that Jodus broke that morning, getting flowers for his mom, and a quick run to Costco to replenish her frappacino stock.


When we made it back, they were just setting out some lunch fixings.


I meant to keep it light.


But the guac and chips looked so good!

And those olives?


These were amazing. Chipotle stuffed! YUM!

Dylan and Amanda came up for the afternoon and we geeked out some more!

We had 2 game stations: Settlers of Catan and Scrabble.

467 470

I played a game of each and lost miserably. I just wasn’t on it this time around!

After a few hours of gaming, we threw together dinner: a fajita bar!


We used the previous night’s leftover steak and some chicken to complete the protein part. I loaded up two very messy fajitas.


I think after dinner we just relaxed and watched some TV. I got to see Brothers & Sisters for the first time ever on an actual TV and not on or hulu! Exciting times, I tell you!


2 Responses

  1. That omelet looks freaking a-mazing! I think I’m going to try to make one on Saturday.

  2. […] when I went to Phoenix and my childhood friend hooked me up with some kick butt pastas (spinach basil garlic & wild […]

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