Phoenix: Day 2: The Unsocial Network

We pretty much got all of our out-and-about done on Friday and the rest of the weekend was much more relaxing!


I love Trish’s back “yard”!

294286 291 

We spent a lot of time out here when it wasn’t too hot.


We ate a few meals out here in the sun too!


Breakfast on Saturday was waffles! White fluffy buttermilk kind!


Topped with fruit, mmmmm!


And a side of bacon and more fruit!



348 356

After breakfast, we geeked out a bit with the Scrabble board.


(See that plate of cookies? It was full.)


It was stiff competition – I didn’t win a single game all weekend.


After some Scrabble, Jodus, Trish, and I headed down to the Country Club pool.


I put my feet in but mostly stuck to the lounge chairs with a book of sudoku.

We did eat a light lunch there – Jodus and I split a sandwich and potato chips. REAL potato chips!


We had an early dinner planned because we talked about going to the Rodeo.

We catered to the Texans for this meal – big, juicy steaks!


I split one with Trish and had corn on the cob and spinach salad to go with.

391 392 393 388

Oh yeah, and red wine.


AND my first ever timer shot on my Nikon:


Not too shabby! (Dylan and Amanda stayed in Tempe the night before.)

Sunsets in the desert are gorgeous.

436 399405

We ended up vetoing the Rodeo and headed to see The Social Network instead.

I liked it. I guess. It was interesting at least. I could have waited to see it on Netflix.


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