Guest Post: You Might Be a Healthy Living Blogger If…

Leah’s note: I’m currently enjoying the sun in Phoenix with family! Tina generously offered up a guest post to keep you entertained while I’m frolicking with cacti! Enjoy!

My name is Tina and I write the blog Faith Fitness Fun. I love sharing fun anecdotes to life as well as inspiration on how to become the best version of ourselves.


I believe healthy living is about so much more than diet and workouts. Almost like being a blogger is about so much more than writing a post a few times a week. How about we do a little spin on Jeff Foxworthy’s joke? 😉


…you whip out your camera to take pictures of strange things, like food or the sky mid-run. Extra points for not even noticing the strange looks you inevitably receive from such actions.


…you go through the day and one of  your most consistent thoughts is “Hey! I should blog about that!”.

…you have recently started spending more money than you ever thought possible on things like nut butters, workout gadgets, and cameras.


…you feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time you receive an email informing you of a new comment on your blog.

…you no longer take baths because you fear electrocution. You can’t read a blog like you used to read your magazines! And all you read are blogs these days.


…you haven’t met in person most of the people you consider very close friends and supporters. And anticipate the chance to do so.

…you put spinach in your smoothies and eat kale as chips.


…you cannot imagine your life without such a powerful outlet and form of expression that you can come to whenever you please and however you like.

Blogging does have some negative sides to it – comparison traps, getting caught up in statistics/popularity, feeling overwhelmed with the many things to do/see/try, and the time commitment to name a few. However, as a whole blogging brings us all such an opportunity for growth. I believe it develops us into more loving people, cheering one another on. It teaches us new things and may bring us out of our comfort zones in fitness, cooking, or self-reflection. Blogging can foster new passions and skills, like photography or writing. Do your best to not succumb to some of the pressures blogging can bring. Say “Screw it! This is for me and I will have fun!” Because you know…being a healthy living blogger, or any blogger for that matter, is a pretty remarkable thing. And way cooler than being a redneck. 😉


3 Responses

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  2. Yep! I’m a healthy lifestyle blogger (but I knew that). Good to know I’m not the only one people are giving funny looks to or shouting out “I should blog about that!”

    Love it!

  3. I loved this!! So true and very funny. Great job Tina!

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