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Guest Post: How Are You Going to Change Your Life

Leah’s note: I’m currently enjoying the sun in Phoenix with family! Lisa generously offered up a guest post to keep you entertained while I’m frolicking with cacti! Enjoy!

by Lisa Eirene

On September 22, 2006 I started a life changing journey. I stepped on the scale at 250 pounds and decided I’d had enough.


I was tired of being fat. I was tired of being unhealthy. I wanted a change. I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure and constant pain. Less than two years later on August 10, 2008 I stepped on the scale at 150 pounds.


I had reached my goal of losing 100 pounds! It was one of the happiest days of my life. I’d been determined to lose the weight. I saw immediate progress and that inspired me to keep trying to lose weight.

I went from wearing 24W jeans and a 44FF bra to a size 4/6 jeans and a 34DD bra. I was suddenly finding that the “Small” size at stores was too big!

I had set backs though. My journey wasn’t an easy one. I experienced many plateaus in my journey. I went through a short period of time after I reached goal weight where I thought I could eat anything I wanted. I got a lot more lax on my calorie counting…in fact, I even stopped counting calories for a few months. I thought, "I know WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH. I’m cool." I quickly learned that was not the case and maintenance meant continuing the good habits I had learned: i.e. calorie counting.

I clocked in too many hours to count at the gym. But I never regretted a single moment of it. And I grew to LOVE working out.

I am happy with my journey. I did not have surgery. I did not do fad diets. I did not join any “clubs” to lose weight. I did it all on my own. I counted calories religiously every day. I wrote them down by hand in a small notepad. Eventually I upgraded to an iPhone App that tracks my calories and exercise.

The day I weighed in 100 pounds lighter, my boyfriend Michael took me out to dinner to celebrate. I’d stopped eating pizza for almost 2 years (one of my trigger foods) and he took me to the best pizza place in Portland, Oregon. That slice had never tasted better!

When I was 250 pounds, I NEVER thought I’d become an athlete. Now? I’m unstoppable!
   * I ran my first 5K race (Run Like Hell) and the Shamrock Run (8K).
   * I participated in the Reach the Beach bike ride. It was a joy to train for it. It was an exciting adventure the day of the race. And I completed 55 miles on my bike–even though my bike broke the last 10 miles!
   * I wanted to challenge myself further. I joined a team for Hood to Coast. In August of this year I did it! The race starts at the top of Mt. Hood and it’s a relay race 197 miles to Seaside. My three Legs totaled 17 miles and I crossed the finish line at Seaside without walking even one of those miles.


Now, two years later, I am still weighing in 100 pounds less. I’ve had some ups and downs in those two years, but I feel like I can confidently say, “I lost the weight and kept it off.”


I blog and share my story to inspire other people to lose weight and get healthy. If I can lose 100 pounds, anyone can!

How are you going to change your life?


3 Responses

  1. Lisa, how inspiring! You right about stopping counting calories, those pounds come right back once you stop being so careful (explains my 50 lb weight gain after quiting Weight Watchers). Wow, you are amazing.

  2. […] Guest Post: How Are You Going to Change Your Life […]

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