Hole in Two

It’s Monday! You know what that means? Time for me to start bugging you again!

Vote! Please! Project Food Blog, Challenge 3 is officially open for voting! Click HERE to view my post on an Indian Dinner Party! The competition is stiff on this one so I really need your help! It’s going from 200 –>100. Eek!


I was so looking forward to breakfast this morning! I was dreaming of it last night as I fell asleep!


Eggs in a basket! Yay!


I gave my inner bread pieces to the boy – he needs it more than I do.

The secret to really good Eggs in a Basket?

Real. Butter.


Licking my lips still!

PS – did you guys see my butter-laden gnocchi project yesterday? Faboosh!


3 Responses

  1. Oh yes! This is one of my favorite breakfasts . . .with tomato! Sooo good. I hope those yolks were runny!

  2. yummy breakfast

  3. Eggys in a basket! My favorite also Lindsey! There is nothing better than runny yolk!

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