You Win Some…

We were out and about running errands and prepping for the dinner party tomorrow so we opted for dinner out! I’m going to be doing enough cooking tomorrow anyway.


We wandered around Poulsbo for a bit before deciding on this Italian Restaurant, but our heart wasn’t really in it. We just weren’t in the mood for anything in particular.

It was a very kitschy little place.

019 024 026 030

We scored the JFK Jr. table!


Isn’t that neat! He ate here in 1994!

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The Huz’s best JFK Jr. face:


What a stud.

I didn’t see anything on the menu that really grabbed my attention but there was an appetizer that sounded good – risotto cakes.


So that was  my dinner! I started with a small house salad topped with a balsamic dressing.


This salad totally hit the spot. I loved the dressing.

The risotto cakes came out and I wasn’t terribly impressed with the appearance.


The flavor was good but I felt like my meal was certainly lacking … something. I ate 80%.

The boy ordered lasagna.


It wasn’t as good as mine.

Overall, we were a bit disappointed with the meal. Everything seemed to be $2-3 more expensive than it should have been. I would have preferred a smaller portion to better quality ingredients and presentation for the same price but that’s just me. I doubt we return. You win some, you lose some.


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  1. Hey Leah — congrats on making it to the next round on Foodbuzz! I even made my husband sign up to vote for you as well (and make the trip to the library with me to use the computer…ha!) 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you do for the next challenge!

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