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Thaied Up

Last night, we did something we rarely do – we went out to eat. On a weeknight.


With all the hubbub about Project Food Blog, my meal planning went out the window, and apparently so did regular grocery shopping. When I looked in the fridge last night, we had no eggs, no bread, one bell pepper, one lemon, and a crap ton of condiments – this a meal does not make.

The Huz and I were going back and forth on what to do and decided to go out and hit up Costco and do dinner… at Silver City. Big surprise to hear that suggestion come out of this mouth. BUT we did have a $10 off coupon and Monday’s are double point night for my card carrying member of a husband.


So Silver City it was.

And when in Rome… order beer.


I got the Oktoberfest – remember me trying this at the fest on Saturday and it being my fav? Yep, yep! Still a new fav!


We both started with salads – we wanted a little filler so we’d have leftovers to take for lunch.

House salad for me with raspberry vinaigrette and all the cucumbers picked off post-photo.


Caesar for him.


After spending a lot of time today perusing PFB Challenge 2 blogs and eyeing all the exquisite ethnic cuisines, my eyes landed on the Thai Penne and I was sold.

019 021

True to my word, I barely made a dent in this so there is plenty of leftovers to enjoy again today!


The boy got his go-to meal – The el diablo pizza with a side of wing sauce.


We had a splendid time and I got a bit of a buzz off that huge beer! We have to be careful to not make a habit of this though! It’s not pocket-book friendly!


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