Life: Reheated

Nothing but leftovers today! Our fridge was packed to the gills with leftovers and we haven’t gone grocery shopping and I didn’t do any meal planning this week. So leftovers it was!

Well, I guess breakfast wasn’t leftovers.


I wasn’t in the mood for anything else! Toast with almond butter and banana was perfection – and the boy prepared it for me which made it even better!


Lunch was leftover yoghurt soup from my Turkey triumph on Friday night!


Served up with a slice of rosemary bread.


Again, I’m spoiled! The boy prepped this for me too! I guess I’m just being a major bum today! But isn’t that what Sunday’s are for?


He helped himself to the last of the chicken tortilla soup, sans tortilla.


With a side of rosemary bread and Stacy’s pita chips.


A lazy afternoon, full of Scrabble and movies!

Dinner was more leftovers – our fridge is rampant, I tell you!


Leftover Green Olive, Walnut, & Pomegranate salad.


And a roasted stuffed eggplant.


It was delicious! The salad was great – the flavors melded together nicely!

Early wake-up call tomorrow!


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