Icing On The Cake

Wow! Yesterday was a busy day and involved a lot of driving but it was worth it!

After lunch, our first stop was the 1st Annual Kitsap County Oktoberfest!


(Sorry all these pictures are so bright, obvs I didn’t check white balance. Grrr.)


It was actually a pretty good turn out for the first year! There was a beer tent, music, food.

004 016 015

And Harley’s! Don’t drink and drive!


We were blessed with a gorgeous day today!


Naturally, beer was involved!

I got Spocktoberfest by Grove Street Brewery. (Pretty tasty!)


The boy started with Der Blocken Brown Ale. (Meh…)

008 011

Then PT Brewery Hop Diggity. (Ew.)


Then Silver City’s Oktoberfest. (The best!)


We buzzed through the fest in just under an hour – places to go and people to see! And those places and people required a ferry ride!


On the ferry, I got word that my Happy Hour date had to bail on us. Major bummer. I had the sads. So we changed our plans a little bit, and just the two of us headed to the Taphouse for our own Happy Hour special.


We opted for outdoor seating. Must take advantage of the few (and far between) sunny days!


I started with a Tiramisu martini – pure delight!


The boy got a Dick’s Brewing IPA – I didn’t try it, most of the time I don’t bother trying IPA’s any more – the boy did not like this beer at all.


We split two starter plates.

Popcorn Shrimp


I dominated this plate.

047 048

Chicken Tequila Skewers


These were really delicious and tender. I had one and ate a decent amount of the slaw.


After we wrapped up Happy Hour, majorly bummed that my friend bailed, we ran an errand and then head to our final destination.


One of Jodus’ former coworkers and now good friend, Brett, has been living in Hong Kong for over a year and came home for a week – it also happened to fall right around his 30th birthday! His girlfriend, Emily, threw a surprise party for him and invited a bunch of his closest friends!


The party was at Emily’s parents house – it was gorgeous, close to Lake Washington, and had an amazing view!


Emily was a terrific hostess – she had a great food spread and entertainment planned!

Tomato Curry Chilled Soup


Chips and salsas


Fruit and cheese and crackers




The lighting was pretty poor and resulted in some crap photos but there was also grilled asparagus, a green asian-fusion salad, potato salad, sweet potato fries, wine and beer for all!

I was really good about not munching and saving myself for the dinner.


I had a chicken dog, and a little bit of everything else – all was delicious!

I also enjoyed 2 glasses of wine over the course of the evening.

The cake was phenomenal!


Emily really out-did herself on this one!


Happy Birthday, Brett!


This was the moistest, most decadent cake I think I’ve ever had! The ganache on top was amazing and the sea salt was perfection.


It’s a good thing I really suck at baking.

When the karaoke came out, we scooted out – it was after 10 and even though they offered us a room to stay, I wanted to go home. I was nervous about leaving Pippin alone for an overnighter.


We ended up driving around instead of taking the ferry so it was a long drive but we were home and passed out by 1am. Late night for us!


2 Responses

  1. The hubby looks great on a Harley….maybe someday?

  2. Wow, what a busy but fun day it looks like you had. The cake looks delicious.

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