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Looking Ahead

So I can’t help myself.

I’ve started already thinking about the next challenge, should I continue on in hopes of becoming the next Food Blog Star.  I sort of have to. If I understand it correctly, we find out at noon on Friday who is continuing, then we have until 3pm on Sunday to submit the next challenge. And I have every intention of being MIA Saturday and into Sunday because I’ve got some hot plans.

So if I make it, I will have very little time to execute my next task.

What is that task?


Don’t lie. You other contestants have been thinking about it too! And I think last night I finally decided on what cuisine I want to tackle. Today will include recipe finding and planning the menu.

What I haven’t decided yet is if I don’t make it to this challenge, should I go ahead and do it anyway? It might would be fun. But it would also be a lot of work.

So I guess we will see what I decide or if the decision will be made for me! Do you want to see me tackle a meal of a different culture of which I have absolutely no familiarity with? Vote here!


I was really craving eggs this morning, much as I always do. But I was stumped on what to do with them.


Not really committed, I pulled out a loaf of Dave’s to make some toast and asked the boy what kind of jam he wanted. Then I decided jam didn’t sound good. Or hearty enough.


Almond butter and banana slices definitely did the trick! AND it cleaned out my Almond Butter Jar! Guess you know what that means!


The banana I used was really on its last leg – a little mushy for my liking. And my freezer is full of frozen bananas already so down the hatch it goes.


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