Carbs & Wine

I have incredibly mixed emotions about my adventures in the kitchen this evening.

I was in the midst of executing dinner, bread, and dessert simultaneously and feeling a bit like Super Woman.


Dinner was a lazy version of eggplant parmesan.


Jarred sauce made this easy as pie… but it didn’t turn out as stellar as I hoped. Laziness didn’t make this one really worth it. A large part of my dish went untouched. But I knew, or rather hoped, of better things to come.


When there is marinara, there is red wine.


I wasn’t dully impressed by it but it got drank!

Dessert was up next!


Looks half way decent right? I tried Jenna’s Lazy Girl’s Chocolate Chip Blondies. Except I used Carob Chips instead because that is all I had and I used Smart Balance instead of butter. Again, because that is all I had.


Oh, and a 8×8 pan, baked for 35 minutes. The outside was nicely cooked and chewy, the inside?


A hot mess.


And super sweet, not that I mind. And I think I’ve decided I don’t like carob chips. I’ve always kind of thought the flavor was a bit off. I’ve been trying to place it for months now and I can’t. And they don’t melt properly.

I’m not giving up on this recipe. I’m going to buy chocolate chips and try again.

And my third cooking adventure of the night: Trial 2 of rosemary bread!


I’ve decided that yesterday’s recipe was just crap. Today was much better.


I’m happy with the results! I used fresh rosemary instead of dried since I am in abundance. And used 1/2 cup wheat flour to replace some of the white.


Delicious. Too bad it wasn’t ready with dinner!


So as I said before, tonight was a mixed bag. But it was filled with carbs and wine so it’s all good.


2 Responses

  1. Rosemary bread Soooo good. A little roasted garlic with it is good too.

    New tip for Rosemary. Use one of your favorite cheeses that you feel would go well with the Rosemary.

    Shred or finely dice your cheese too with the Rosemary and put in a loaf pan that will be a nice shape for your cheese.

    Next gently melt the cheese in the oven until it just reforms to fit the pan. Remove from oven and cool.

    Remove from pan and enjoy.

    Try mixing finely chopped rosemary and roasted garlic in cream cheese. Add a little milk or white wine to the cheese mixture for a spreadable concoction.

    To any recipe — to make it great just add Love : )

  2. Rosemary flat bread. It looked and sounded like you added too much salt. That retards the yeast. You may have need to add a bit more flour for a loaf that is round-it needs a little more substance to hold its shape.

    Washington is such a high humidity baking environment that sometimes it take just a little more flour on a high humidity day.

    As always, just add some extra love. Your Grandpa had to eat some funny bread when I first started bread baking –but, that is another story < 🙂

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