Recipes Galore

Where has the morning gone?!

Right here!

I spent a number of hours this morning (and still continuing to do so!) on revamping my recipe page. Check it out! I’ve gone back through all of 2010 at this point and linked to all the recipes I could find I’ve made. Hopefully this will make life easier for you and me both when searching out epic recipes to create!


While I worked away, the boy was busying himself in the kitchen concocting breakfast!


Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes topped with banana mash, walnuts, and agave!


Looks amazing, hu? It was.


I enjoyed some herbal tea with it and have been topping off and sipping all morning.


Nose to the grindstone! More blog work ahead!


2 Responses

  1. Love the mugs, Leah!!

  2. oh my! does your boy happen to have a recipe for those delicious looking pancakes?! they look delicious! and i agree, those mugs are lovely (as is the plate!). [chels]

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