Making Use of It

I hope you guys like the improved Recipe page! I actually used it today to locate a salmon recipe for dinner tonight!

Walnut Crusted Salmon with Horseradish

I added a tiny bit of chopped rosemary to the mix as well!


It turned out fabulously!


We’ve been buying wild sockeye salmon from Costco lately – I can totally tell the difference between a) sockeye and atlantic and b) frozen and fresh. Wild vs. farmed has yet to be properly tested.


To go with, rosemary roasted red potatoes and some simple green beans.


This was a total “comfort food” meal to me.


The day was spent with an equal mix of being lazy and being productive. We took care of some paperworky things that have been lingering since the wedding, did a bit of blog work, and the boy has been tackling laundry.

The weather has been insane the last 24 hours! One minute it is pouring buckets and the next the sun is blazing.


The ground is completely saturated and common to popular belief, that is a rarity in Washington. Usually, we have drizzle, not downpours. We get less annual rainfall than parts of California even but we have the gray dreariness which isn’t much fun.


Lunch was leftovers – we seem to have an abundance again.


Lovely presentation, eh? That’s my darling husband for you.


Risotto on a bed of spinach.

A little bit of Pippin love and I’m off to enjoy our 4th movie of the day! (Obscene, I know.)



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