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The Loft

We had a lovely day and enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted. It’s pouring again.

After finishing cleaning and making ourselves presentable, we did our Saturday ritual of the Farmer’s Market and Central Market grocery trips!

013 014

At the market, we somehow managed to score all this rosemary for $2. Say wha?!


Please send any and all recipes you have that include copious amounts of rosemary please. Or we will be living off of rosemary roasted potatoes for the next week cuz that’s all I’ve got.

Lunch at The Loft

We made a pit stop for lunch.

016 018

We were originally planning on going somewhere else but the weather was so lovely that we wanted to eat outdoors and The Loft immediately came to mind.

It was actually my first time here though I have heard great things from a number of people.


The ambiance was great out on the deck today! Might be the last nice day of the year! We had to take advantage of that!

024 027032

I loved the layout of their menu:

028 029

I ended up getting the chicken avocado melt and substituted the yam fries for the plain fries.

030039 040 041 043

The boy ordered a standard burger with pepperjack and substituted the garlic parmesan fries.


Yes, that is whole cloves of garlic in his fries. I had some and they were delicious.


We thoroughly enjoyed our meals but I was more about the ambiance and view.


After lunch, we continued on to Central Market for some goods and on our way out, we saw Dave’s Killer Bread was there. He had a bunch of people around that he was chatting with so otherwise I would have walked up but I didn’t bother. Besides, the camera was in the car so… yeah. I just chickened out. It’s like a celebrity sighting!


Putting Around

On our way home, my darling husband got a wild hair up his ass and pulled into the mini-golf course near our house!


Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes we did!


I got a hole in one!


It was actually a pretty nice course!

068104 072083092

Obstacle course!


But he still won. I obvs suck at putt putt.

We had a good time. It was nice to go out and do something fun on a whim! Love my boy!




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  1. Rosemary, Goat cheese, honey, smooshed up for a delicious spread on warm sourdough.

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