Nothing Nice

If you don’t have

  anything nice to say,

    don’t say anything

     at all.

I opted to skip posting last night, obviously. I was in a funk and didn’t feel like bringing anyone else down with me. I was feeling ornery and wallowing in self-loathing. Hormones and stress will do that to you. I probably would have gotten myself in trouble if I unleashed here so I just kept my trap shut.

Food recap:


Leftover turkey tenderloin + barley bake


[Insert 2 brown rice cakes]


Tempeh Sloppy Joe’s (I’ve made before here and here.)


This time, I only used 1 pack of tempeh and I added a jalapeno.


And a boy-made side salad.


Mushrooms, spinach, green onion, walnuts.

With girl-made vinaigrette.


(Apparently Pippin thinks it is time to go on a w-a-l-k?)

Last night we watched Dragonfly – super cute Kevin Costner flick.


Didn’t feel like sweet breakfast. didn’t have enough eggs for both of us to have a substantial savory breakfast.


Enter: Spicy oats!


Topped with a little green onion.  I prefer cilantro but it’s absent in our household.

I’m particularly excited it is Friday. I’ve worked from home every night this week. I’m ready to be done.

Except we have a monstrous to-do list that we are planning to tackle tomorrow, and hopefully that includes major blog-work!



3 Responses

  1. LOL – omg I love the picture with Pippin in the background just bein’ like “UH HEY MOM AND DAD – NO PICTURES, MORE WALKING!”

  2. Dogs and spicy oats? I knew Alli had to comment 🙂

  3. Just popping in to tell you that you’re ah-mazing. And I’m definitely not the only person who thinks so! Hope you’re having a fun and fabulous weekend love xo

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