It’s All Good

Friday happy dance ensuing!

Morning Snack

I tried doing yogurt again today even though the other day it was a little gaggy to me.


I added some oat-based granola to the mix to tone down the yogurt.


It was still a bit gaggy towards the end but more tolerable than last time. I’m not really sure what’s wrong with me. I am going to keep blaming the antibiotics.

Check out my weekend to-do list!


We are hoping to knock it all out in one foul swoop on Saturday – it’s mostly cleaning and blog work. (PS – has anyone used Weebly before?!)


I was actually a little excited about having the leftover risotto for lunch today.


I added some salt again. It was needed.


I wish I had not been lazy and packed something to go with it. This wasn’t quite substantial enough. Fortunately, I hit Costco right after work and hit up a couple samples to hold me over. 😉

In other news, I’m feeling much more chipper today! It could be that it is Friday, it could be that I finally got to talk to a friend today, or it could be that life is pretty darn good when I really think about it.


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  1. Your handwriting looks SO much the same as it did in our notebooks we passed around in MS!!

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