On Top

Guff. The internet was out this morning when I got up. That’s not a good sign for the day that lay ahead of me. Word on the street is that we are having a “surprise” audit at work today as well. Oh joy.


Nothing to cheer you up like waffles!


A few weeks ago, I actually put the blueberries in the waffles batter. It didn’t work so well. It totally messied up our waffle iron and to this day, when we make waffles, crusty burnt blueberry bits still linger.

So today, I topped the waffles with Oregon blueberries and it was heavenly! (Warmed in the microwave for a minute.)


The boy even commented on how nice it was that the waffle pockets held the blueberries so nicely!


Also topped with a squirt of agave for some wetness and a few almond slivers for a crunch.

Happy Waffling!



4 Responses

  1. haha i’ve totally done the ruining the pan with blueberries thing before. it’s not a pretty site thats for sure! i like your route better and of course your waffle making skills

  2. That looks divine! I love blueberries. They can be added to anything!

  3. The pockets in the waffles are what get me. When I was a kid I used to spend soooo long moving my waffles around making sure syrup dripped into every single groove 😉

  4. the waffles look so yummy!

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