Fresh Scent

Thanks for the cleaning tip in my last post! You guys rock!

After the boy got home from work, we turned around and went to Fred Meyer for some fresh produce. Fred Meyer for produce? That’s right! Last time we went in there, I was shocked by their produce! It was so much better than Safeway or Albertson’s!

Anyway, we went on a anti-dog-smell quest and came home with goods.


We got Airwick plug-ins – Crisp Breeze scent. I hate flowery or fruity so that pretty much left this.


We bought 4 all together. We have 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs.


We also got febreeze pet-odor spray.


This is perfect for the couches – she likes to sleep on them while we are working. We are going to give the house a good solid clean this weekend and the dog so hopefully that will clear everything out!

Yay for freshness!

Dinner was quick and easy after our outing!


Easy lemon pepper chicken and green beans.


For the chicken, I pan fried it in a little EVOO and basted it in a lemon pepper spice mix with lemon juice, more EVOO and garlic powder.


For the green beans, I steamed them then tossed them in Smart Balance and almond slivers.


It was a perfect dinner!


Dessert was grand! Some banana soft serve with carob chips!


We are overloaded on frozen bananas. We haven’t been going through them fresh fast enough! Now we can’t get through them frozen fast enough!


I’m glad this day is over. It started out pretty rough. Here’s to a new day!


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  1. Good! I was going to say air wick plug-ins! 🙂 That’s what I use; one in the kitchen and one in each bedroom. Also, cracking a few windows while you’re out in the day helps a ton. There’s also pet wipes that smell like baby powder that I use on my dog whose outside 80% of the time. The food definitely makes a difference. I switched both the cat and the dog to Wellness All Natural food and not only do they smell better, they’re coats are much nicer and shed less. 🙂

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