Wooden Boat Festival


Can you believe that in all the years I have been going to Port Townsend, this was my first time going to the Wooden Boat Festival?

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It’s one of the things that the town is known for! People come from far and wide to this thing and it’s been in my backyard for forever!

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I was really excited to go. I love boats! My grandparents had a boat when I was really little – a house boat! I remember being out to see with them for weeks! I’ve also been out on a number of boats when I was an avid scuba diver waaaay too many years ago.

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I love the old wooden boats – especially the smaller sail boats.


I love the different textures of the woods. One of the primary things behind this festival is the woodwork – they had seminars and demonstrations throughout the weekend!

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There were even wooden framed bikes there!


We mostly just wandered around the docks.


We spent a good couple hours wandering around, just enough to work up a mean appetite!

Jodus scouted our favorite vendor from the Farmer’s Market and got the Big Bob salmon + egg sandwich.


I was eyeing the paella but it wasn’t quite ready.

149 150

Dad and I settled on Thai food because it seemed to be the most bang for the buck.


In there is steamed veggies, red curry chicken, pad thai and rice.


It wasn’t all that great. Standard festival food. I should have held out for the paella.

More boats!


Makes me want to go out and buy a boat!


A little love for my Canadian readers!


Me and my daddy!


(No, we don’t look alike at all.) 😉


Trust me when I say there are many many more pictures than I’ve overloaded you with already. Obviously, I was totally digging the macro shots. I had a great time at the Festival. It probably isn’t something I would want to do every year, especially since it was $15 a head to get in.


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