Sweet Laurette

Breakfast this morning was much better than the day before at Spruce Goose!


We decided to hit uptown Port Townsend, again, thinking that downtown and the boat haven were going to be a nightmare with the festival going on. We ended up at Sweet Laurette & Cyndee’s French Bistro. Granted, there was a bit of a wait and the prices were higher but it was SO worth it!

252 261256

It’s a cafe with coffee and pastries on one side, and the bistro on the other. There is even an outside patio for diners. I love the decor inside – it totally reminds me of a random little bistro on the outskirts of Paris!


For breakfast, I ordered the Provencal Omelet.


It was incredibly rich and incredibly delicious.


My only complaint was the potatoes. They were super buttery.


Wait, hold up. Did I just complain about butter? Yeah, I did. They were that buttery. Maybe it is because I am used to my potatoes cooked in EVOO?

I had the multi-grain toast to go with.


The freezer jam was really good!


I ended up giving half of my toast to the boy.

He ordered the Egg Sandwich BLT.


He said it wasn’t as good as my breakfast sandwiches. I have trained him well. 😉

Dad ordered an omelet as well – mushroom and bacon I think?


He had the same complaint about the potatoes as I did. And agreed that the omelets were incredibly rich.

But heavenly.

I would definitely return here again – especially since they try to serve local and sustainable foods. Have to support the local businesses that support local business! You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

If When I go back, I am definitely going to get one of their drool-worthy lattes. I’m off caffeine for the time being and I’m sure I could have gotten decaf but what’s the fun in that?


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