Spruce Goose

Saturday morning in Port Townsend. We went back and forth on where to do breakfast. We opted to head out of town to the airport since surely town was going to be a madhouse with the festival!


I had fond memories of Spruce Goose. I’ve been a few times over the years. I love the decor and the scenery! I grew up around planes so they hold a spot in my heart!


There was an adorable kid at the table in front of us that was totally intrigued by the planes through the whole meal!


Too cute!

I loved the airport-themed menu too!


I ended up going with the “Hash It Out” corned beef hash breakfast.


I was sooo disappointed when this got plopped down in front of me. Corned beef hash, straight out of the can. 😦 Major bummer.

Jodus ordered the biscuits and gravy – this is pretty much how we base the value of a breakfast restaurant is how good their B&G is.


Again, fresh out of a can. 😦 And hardly any sausage at all.

So apparently, the place has been sold and is under new ownership from the last time I was here. Everything is $1-$2 more, the menu is smaller, and the food sucks. Major bummer.

After our very disappointing breakfast, we wandered the airstrip a bit checking out some of the planes. Unfortunately, the one we had been eyeing while dining had already taken off.

037032 033 034 035 036

[Insert banter about obtaining pilot’s license here.]

Consensus? Flying is very cool but expensive and a little dangerous/scary. But still very cool.


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