Oh boy. I have 300 pictures from the last 36 hours. I’ll be nice and break it up into a few posts for you. 😉

Friday evening after dinner, we drove up to my dad’s in Port Townsend; it’s just under an hour drive. Except it pored and the bridge was open so it took a bit longer than that.

We hung out at the house for a bit. Check out the deer we spotted in his yard!


So Dad found out that his new kitten isn’t a “she” like we’ve been thinking. The whole weekend we were all correcting each other! It’s hard to adjust your thinking! I think Dad also decided on a name: Hemmy. Because he was causing my dad hemorrhoids with the potty training bit. 😉


Via Facebook, I got whiff of the Brewery having a Blues Band that evening. Um, we got there a little late. Apparently they only played until 8 and the pub closed at 9? Lame.

We got a drink and filled up a growler of stout for the boys since we were there right before closing.


I got a Chet’s Gold and it wasn’t very good. But I still drank 85% of it.


It was a pretty low-key night. I definitely munched on some chocolate and watched some bad TV. It was a nice treat. 😉


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  1. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been to Port Townsend. It’s such a cool place though!

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