Cosmic Interference

Cosmos make Leah a happy girl!


The boy and I met at Silver City Brewery after work for Happy Hour! $3 Cosmo? I’m there!

Craptastic Blackberry shot:


The boy stuck to beer.

We split a basket of onion rings + wing sauce!


It was a delicious splurge. Can’t remember the last time I had onion rings!

Morning snack: HB egg.

Lunch: Leftover Italian Sausage Soup


With a sandwich thin for fun!


It was delicious.

Dessert: a single square of dark chocolate

[Insert 2 cosmos and half a basket of onion rings.]

Dinner: leftover Tuna Noodle Casserole


Eaten in a rush! We are out the door!

Where are we going?


Port Townsend for the weekend! It’s the Wooden Boat Festival! People travel from all over for this thing! It is supposed to be fabulous. And of all the years that I’ve been visiting PT, I’ve never gone! Time to remedy!


We are taking Pippin for the weekend as well! We have to get her acclimated to my dad and his house because he’s going to be our go-to dog sitter for our upcoming travels!

I’m so excited!
(2 Cosmos help.) 😉

See you Sunday! (And pray the weather is half way decent!)


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