Pizza For Three

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This afternoon, I seriously had the funnest oil change ever.


We went to Oil Can Henry’s which is right by our gym. I’ve never been to one. They kinda laughed at me when I started to get out of the car. “Obviously you’ve never be here before?” Obviously. *eyeroll*

Well, they rocked. It was fun because they involve you in it and you are sitting in the pit with these guys listening to them holler. They were showing me stuff. AND there was a screen to watch them working on your car!


It really did make me feel like I could trust them. Sure, it’s a couple bucks more than Jiffy Lube but I honestly feel like they wouldn’t try ripping me off. And I’ve felt that way leaving oil changes before.

I’m a fan. Obviously.

After the oil changes, we grabbed Pippin and headed to Illahee Preserve.


First family portrait!


It’s 700+ acres of land a few minutes away from where we live, full of trails.

099105180 160 167

We wandered around for over an hour.

136 110121174178 135157

Welcome to the great Pacific Northwest!

112 114

We definitely got turned around a bit. But thankfully, I had taken a picture of the map so we could reference it. 😉


Pippin had a great time! We tuckered her out!


We headed home, threw some pizza dough makings into the bread maker, watched an episode of Nip/Tuck then made pizza!


The dough is a half wheat, half white mix.


We spiced up a can of tomato sauce with Italian seasonings, garlic powder, salt and pepper.


Toppings were veggie heavy – mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, and jalapeno.

189200 203 205 209

Cheese on his half!


Tillamook shout-out!


Pippin likes shrooms!


Baked in the oven at 425 for ~20 minutes.


It doesn’t look like much but it hit the spot.

Soooo saucy!


I had 3 slices.

We had vino with dinner.


This wine holds a special place in our hearts! It’s the wine that we had at our Rehearsal dinner back in May! Awwww!


Boy and Girl



Our tuckered out tot:


We’re off to watch The Hurt Locker!


4 Responses

  1. What an amazing day! I love living in the PNW =)

  2. the trails look like so much fun! I bet pippin loved it. How is he adjusting to his new home?

    • She is finally just starting to get adjusted I think! We were having trouble with her at night but the last couple nights, she’s been ok!

  3. YAY for homemade pizza!

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