Our day got off to a late start today! We managed to sleep in past 8. Then we relaxed with coffee and Netflix for a couple hours!


Boy and Girl


Jodus has perfected the art of the perfect Leah-cup of coffee – coffee with soymilk and a dash of cinnamon! I had two cups of heaven!

Lazy dog.


Lazy blogger.


I finally powered through the menu plan for next week (it’s a good one!) and we managed to get out the door before 11 to run our weekly errands.

First stop: Costco in the rain.


Picked up a few goodies.

And one REALLY exciting goody!


LARABARS! A year or two ago, they carried these regularly and then one day the disappeared. I was ridiculously excited to see them. BEAMING. We even tried to sneak a shot of me making out with the box but I was camera shy with all the shoppers.

Second stop: breakfast! It was after 11 and we hadn’t eaten and we were going to Poulsbo anyway so we just had to stop by Sluy’s famous bakery. Poulsbo holds a special place in my heart because of my Scandinavian heritage!


Delicious goods.

018 021

We picked up a few things to munch on and then found a big gazebo to sit under in the rain.


There were nice views around!


Would have been lovely on a sunny day. But it was kind of romantic in the drear.


The goods:

I couldn’t resist Chovanah – a peanut butter & chocolate pastry.


And Jodus couldn’t resist the Gingerbread Man Maple Bar!


We had fun with that one!


Not my gumdrop buttons!


And we split a cranberry orange scone!


I also grabbed some lefse for later!


Mmmm. I know my mom is jealous right now! 😉

Next stop – Farmer’s Market! Yep, in the rain! We are dedicated folks, yes we are!


Only came home with some kale and parsnips though. Was hoping they would have some variety of root veggies but no dice.

We hit Central Market for the rest of our groceries and then headed home.

Quick and easy lunch – leftover Mexican!


I only ate half this plate.

A couple bites of burrito. Chile Colorado I think?


A few tortillas full of mostly onions and a little chicken and green pepper.


And dessert:


I adore RitterSport. It’s probably mostly for sentimental reasons. I ate this all the time in Germany. The Pfefferminze chocolate was my favorite. And I haven’t been able to find it. Apparently, it is now “Limited Edition”.


It’s essentially a York Peppermint Patty. Except with better chocolate and a better chocolate to mint ratio.


Jodus and I each had a tiny square.

We are off to get oil changes in both of our cars! It’s finally stopped raining. I sure hope it doesn’t rain all weekend long!


One Response

  1. I am jealous! Do you know how much lefse costs at our Farmer’s Market? $12 for a small package, highway robbery I tell ya! Needless to say I didn’t buy any!

    And I adore your new table linens!

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