Season Four

I had zero desire to cook tonight and zero desire to eat any of the contents in our fridge. Yes, folks, it happens to the best of us.

It wasn’t hard to talk the boy into going out for dinner.


We don’t normally like to go to chain restaurants, but we had a coupon. And we were hungry. And Mexican is always fast.

018 021

Chips + salsa to start! We polished off the basket.


I stuck with water, the boy ordered a BIG beer.


I ordered chicken fajitas.


And of course they came with a massive amount of beans and rice.


And a side of sides that went mostly untouched.


I ate all the beans and rice and only one tortilla of fajita and packed the rest up for later.

The boy ordered a massive platter with 2 burritos! MASSIVE


I had a bite of each. They were ok. He was good and saved some of one of the burritos too.

We spent the evening plowing through the first disc of Dexter, Season 4! Dexter is one of our fav TV series. Def in our top 5 I think?



One serving! 🙂


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  1. Cute cardigan Leah!

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