The Daily Grind

Lunch was a repeat today!


Leftover chili and the very last cornbread muffin!


This morning, while I was packing lunches, I swear, that muffin was in the Huzband’s pile! And somehow it ended up in my sack! What a guy, hu?


And an afternoon snack that I will admit – it was mostly boredom.


It’s been a little slow for me at work this week. (See my grocery list in the background? Yep.) Pretty much everything is settling down and the systems I initiated when moving over are in place and there is less leg-work involved now.

And the stuff I do have to do? I don’t have a lot of motivation to do. It’s boring. Grunt work. Filing. Eventually, I’ll get tired of procrastinating and actually get the project done but in the mean time…


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