The Best Waffle

Last year during this time, I was doing my Phat Diet. Remember that? 100g of fat a day. YUCK. So glad that is over with!


But sadly, digestive issues are not back up to 100%. I think I’ve got some food sensitivities, (some I know of for sure but choose to ignore *ahem* *cheese* *ahem*) but I have new health insurance and I’ve got that on the list of things to discuss at my appointment next week!


We tried a different waffle recipe today – one that was specifically an “overnight” recipe. We usually make our batter the night before so the morning is quick and easy.


Topped with my favorite toppings! Mashed banana, meted agave butter, and chopped walnuts.

001 003 005016



Good news to report! Pippin slept much better last night! We moved her doggie bed that’s in our room out of the corner and next to our bed and she seemed to like that more. And apparently, at some point, she did go downstairs but I was out like a light and didn’t hear her little clip clip down the stairs. YAY!

I’m off to prep dinner and head to work! Happy Waffle Wednesday!


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  1. BANANAS!! Mmmm anything with banana and batter has ‘like’ written all over it.
    About Pippin, her adjustment period is very normal; new surroundings, getting to know the environment, new climate etc. How old is she again? I’ve had Shadow since he was 6 weeks old and is now a lively 15 years old and even though he knew me, it took him about 2 weeks to fully adjust to a new routine. There has been lots of whining, I’ll tell you that. Just give lots of lovin’ and attention and all will be well. ❤

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