An Evening Session

So for the past week and a half, we have been total bums on the workout front.

Today, we got our act together.

After we got home from work, we changed, split a banana, and hit the gym.


I spy a Pippin!


At the gym, it was as I suspected it would be at the prime 5pm hour – the weight room was full of muscle and the aerobics room was full of Zumba.

So we opted for cardio equipment.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, totally in the groove and rocking out to The Prodigy. I am a firm believer in techno being the best exercise to get you pumped for cardio. I clocked 2.81 miles on the elliptical then I finished it off with 5 minutes of walking at 3.8 mph while the boy finished up his run.

It felt really good to do cardio today. I’m not much of a cardio junkie. But today? Today was a good cardio day. I was in the zone. BUT I don’t think I could have gone much further with my feet. I could feel them getting uncomfortable there towards the end.

Dinner was a combination of leftovers and fresh veggies!


Leftover roasted chicken can be a bit dry – a dollop of lingenberry jam made it perfect.


Leftover risotto is nearly as good as it is fresh.


And a massive pile of roasted veggies – eggplant, zucchini, squash, and mushrooms – to round out the meal.

049 051

Eaten in front of the TV watching a movie!


It wasn’t a very good movie. But it was nice to relax with the Huz.


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  1. I love those bowls! How cool. Where did you find them? IKEA?

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