Tromping Around

We had a great day!


We drove up to Port Townsend, grabbed my dad, and headed to the Farmer’s Market!

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Pippin had a blast! She was spoiled with biscuits and salmon skin!


The rest of us did too. 😉


We hit up our favorite food vendor for our favorite sandwich – the Big Bob sandwich.


Salmon, fried egg, pesto, fresh greens.


Jodus’ mom and I split one. I guess this qualified as our lunch?


After the market, we headed up to Fort Worden to tromp around for a couple hours.

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We ran across an “art piece” being disassembled on the top of the fort.

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It was kinda interesting. The couple that did it had a play friend for Pippin!


Mango was a doll!

122 135

We tuckered Pippin out!


After climbing down off the fort, we made our way downtown.


Love downtown! This is where we got some of our engagement pictures taken!

200201206 212216220

We made our way back up to the house and dug into some Farmer’s Market treats!


My tasting plate:


The scone was mediocre.


The apple thing was ok.


The berry kuchen was pretty good.


My love was the lemon bar and the brownie.


Look at Dad’s cute new little kitty! (RIP Psycho!)


She’s still nameless for the time being.


Tuckered out tot!


On the way home, we swung by my favorite coffee stand and got a cafe au lait.


Backseat buddy!


In other exciting news, I finally broke down and got my own url! Don’t worry, no need to update your Google Readers! You can access it both ways –>


Big step for my little bloggie blog!

If you have any issues viewing, please let me know!!


4 Responses

  1. Seattle looks so beautiful! I need to get out there someday

  2. I meant to tell you – my folks were in your neck of the woods ( Seattle ) – they flew in on Wed, was there until Friday….then that afternoon they left for their Alaskan cruise (I’m so jealous). Thursday they ate at the Space Needle 😉 Long way for us Floridians – had I gone I would have sent you a message so we could have meet up or something. At any rate – thought of you when they told me they have to fly in there.

  3. Congrats on your own URL! The pictures of PT make me homesick..kinda. Anyways, been a long time since I’ve been back.

  4. I had a wonderful time in PT. And we got some pretty great photos too! I love the one of you staring me and the camera down with the lush forest behind you. You’re so darn cute!

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