The County Fair

We kicked our butts into gear to get to the fair before noon today!


25 cents entry before noon! W00t! And I actually had a vendor pass from work … AND we scored free parking. So it cost us 50 cents to get in. Good thing cuz if we had spent any more, I’d have been sorely disappointed. But it was worth 50 cents.


There were vendors to scope out.

028 190

Art to view.

029 040

Produce to awe.

031 032 033

Cute cakes to eye.

035 037 038 039

Flowers to ogle.


Food to eat.

046 183185 187 189

Animals to see.

054 065 072 074 086 096100107 116 125 135 142 160

We had a nice time walking around and people watching. But it was pretty small and not super riveting.


We talked about coming back for the rodeo tonight but I think we are gonna pass.

It’s laptop central in our house!


The daily Pip!


Dinner is in the crock!


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