Walk With Me

I’ve been dreaming of this breakfast ever since I had extra sour cream and cilantro in the house.


Where’s my plate?!

I specifically bought wraps for this sole purpose.


The Breakfast Burrito. Egg, Bean Salad, Pepperjack veggie cheeze, cilantro, sour cream, Cholula.


MmmMMm good!


Wrap fail.

012 011

So we’ve been in our place for nearly a month now! And we have our first house guest arriving this afternoon. With a new addition to the family! SO. I’m finally ready to debut our new HOME!

It’s 10 minutes. Long, I know. But I love our new place so just indulge me – check it out!


Mutt-Mom-To-Be in approximately 9 hours!


7 Responses

  1. Breakfast was awesome!!

    And great job showcasing our new place. 😀

  2. Your house is gorgeous!! Love how open and spacious it is. I really like the red wall, and of course, the yoga room 😉

    Umm…there better be lots of doggie pics soon!

  3. Leah – your home is so awesome – thank you for sharing – I love the open-ness of it!!!! Beautiful!!

  4. Nice vlog, it was fun seeing some familiar stuff and what you’ve added new. You obviously got your good taste from me 🙂

  5. […] had an absolutely wonderful time catching up with my family! This was their first time seeing our new house and meeting our darling […]

  6. […] And we really like our new house. (Want a tour?) […]

  7. Very nice ! Just beautiful .

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