The Crazy Dog Lady

I figure I might as well try and get all my craziness out as much as I can right off the bat.


Today, we officially welcomed Pippin into our little family.

032 034

She’s always been apart of Jodus’ family. But now she’s part of ours.


Mom brought all her goodies so she’d feel right at home.

066 068 069

She even bought her a ridiculously cute pink color and tag.


And we got her a new bed.

057 064 049

We’ve got treats and food.

076 077 071

And an active weekend already  lined up!


I have an onlooker while I’m busying myself in the kitchen.

075 074

She’s family. Always has been. Always will be.



4 Responses

  1. She’s SO SWEET!!! Keep the crazy dog lady pictures coming, love them.

  2. Yesyesyes, I’m a sucker for doggie pics! Although, it kinda makes my heart hurt because I want one sooo badly.

    I love that tail/paw shot. Too cute. Pippin looks like a good natured dog!

  3. I hope we can get the Becca dog and Pippin together sometime. Pippin is so adorable!

  4. Pippin looks like such a sweetheart!!!!!

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