So I was really impressed today. And I’m not that easily impressed.

The clock struck 12:30pm and I hadn’t had a morning snack. I hadn’t been staring at the clock, waiting for a proper lunch-time hour to break into my lunch. I hadn’t been exactly busy at work which may otherwise keep me going that time just escapes me.

I thought about breakfast. Why did it stick to me so good?

Ahhhhh… the wraps. Well, the fiber anyway. Each wrap is loaded with 12g of fiber. And there was some fiber in the beans. But mostly the wrap. Fiber keeps you fuller. And looking back, I think I have been lacking a little in the fiber department.

Some of the best sources of fiber are fruits with peels, whole grains, beans. I’m pretty good at the whole grains bit. Not so good at the fruit and beans bit. Specifically, the fruit bit.

I’m a banana-a-day kind of gal. Maybe 2.


The occasional strawberries or blueberries.


I was on a tangerine kick awhile back. But other than that, I suck at fruit.


I adore peaches. But they bruise easy. Same with pears.


I like apples. Only if they are cut up. But then they brown. Gross.


Berries are expensive.

Google 004

I’m on a new mission now. And the mission is fiber. I think it’ll help me in my weight-loss/anti-snackiness endeavors.

AND for a non-fiberrific lunch:


Leftover chicken and corn pudding.

And two squares of chocolate!


The mother-in-law and the dog have arrived at our abode! Prepare for an onslaught of crazy-dog-ladyness to come!


3 Responses

  1. Do you have a yard? Plant a garden! Grow those expensive berries (and other fabulous fruits and veges)!

  2. Avocados are packed full of fiber…like 2 or 4 more times than a banana.

  3. As for apples, try tossing a dash of lemon juice into the ziploc. Doesn’t work as well for a Tupperware; I think there’s just too much air. You only need a very little bit, not enough to taste, but it’s like magic for keeping them from browning – they also stay crisp instead of getting mealy like they do when they brown.

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