Tonight was pretty great! After work, the boy and I did the divide and conquer of grocery stores – I hit Albertson’s for the first time.


And he hit Costco.

We met at home and power cleaned our place for arriving guests!

AND we have plenty of leftovers because the boy hasn’t packed lunches a couple times this week so we just did leftovers for dinner! PERFECT! That way we didn’t have to dirty our clean kitchen!

I had the leftover roasted tomato soup with toast.

028 030

And he had the BBQ chicken, corn pudding, and bean salad.


We still have a bunch of leftovers in the fridge. Not sure how that is going to fair. I might have to toss some. 😦 I hate having to do that.

I also worked on a fun little project tonight that is in progress and shall be revealed tomorrow! Get amped! It’s fun! (Well, I think so anyway. But I’m biased.)

AND, we have word that Pippin is in Baker City, Oregon!


They are halfway here!



3 Responses

  1. I think the tofu and sauerkraut are next to each other. No really, in the refrigerated section where they also have Jello cups. At least, that’s where i find it. I’m like a supermarket layout master. Mitch’ll call me from the store to ask where the hummus is. Or the tofu (that’s happened).

  2. It’s so exciting to have guests that you actually want to see. Hope you have fun!

  3. Yay for doggies!

    Since I know you guys are big Costco fiends, check to see if they have Nature’s Domain food (it’s in a huge blue bag). It is dirt cheap for a VERY high quality, grain-free food–we feed it to Milhouse and people are always commenting on how shiny his coat is. (It also reduces the amount he sheds a ton and the quantity of dog poo!) I’m obsessed with it–it’s such a steal compared to most other dog foods that aren’t nearly as good.

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