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Getting My Act Together

Ugh. Our internet is majorly sucking lately. I need to start researching local providers. We were hoping that when we moved, our Clearwire would work better because of bandwidth issues in the city but apparently not. 😦 So in the meantime, I’ll sit here and stare at the computer screen while it takes Facebook I-shit-you-not 20 minutes to load my home page. Kill. Me. Now. It’s almost as bad as dial-up days! Click a page, go do something. Come back, it might be loaded. If you are lucky.

Morning snack was another HB egg.


Don’t worry, it’s a salmonella free egg! 😀 Washington wasn’t affected.

(By the by. Don’t you hate it when eggs don’t peel nicely?! GR.)

Lunch was a 2-parter.

Yesterday, boy had potluck at work. I provided the recipe for a salad to take, he threw it together while I was getting my hair did on Monday night. I always try and make an effort to provide a nice healthy but delicious addition to their potlucks. I know all too well that a lot of potlucks consist of store-bought potato salads and desserts.


He set me aside some before throwing it down in front of coworkers! Ain’t he sweet?


I spy feta, walnuts, orange segments, and red onion!

The dressing is soooo good and it’s the reason I have OJ in the fridge!


Consumed at 11:45am.


And surprisingly filling!

I didn’t break into part 2 until 1:30.


Leftover stir-fry over whole wheat noodles.


They ain’t pretty but damn it was good.

AND I finally got my act together and bought a chocolate bar to stash at work!


The darkest dark I could find!


I had 2 pieces over the course of today.


Worth. It.

And speaking of getting acts together, I also (finally) scheduled myself a doctor’s appointment! Since getting married, I got off my out-of-pocket insurance and got on Jodus’ insurance. It just so happens to come directly out of his paycheck which totally rocks for me. 😉 It also happens to be really good coverage. I’m going in for my annual exam and have lots of things I want to discuss with her from period regularity to food allergies to plantar fasciitis to anxiety. Gotta get our money’s worth!

Next up: the dentist. Groan

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