Reusing Bean Salad

So remember how 9 hours ago I swore I was going to go to the gym?

Fat chance.

I seriously don’t know what is wrong with me/us. We were completely exhausted when the alarm went off. I’m going to play the “listening to my body” card here. I honestly think that months of being on the go, my/our body/bodies are fighting back.

We used to get up this early rather effortlessly. Really. Yeah, there are hard days, but never was I so exhausted like this past week that I literally can.not. open my eyes in the morning. So I went with it today. Again. Oh well.

I sported leftovers for breakfast today.


I scrambled in some leftover 3-bean salad with a few eggs for the Huz and I.


Topped with oodles of Cholula!


It was actually pretty darn good!

And I had a special treat to go with!


OJ! So good but makes me a little phlegmy. (What a gross word!) We have a big jug of it in the fridge because the Huz used some to make this bomb dressing for a bomb salad for today’s potluck. I need to find a way to use up the rest. And on that same note, I have a big jug of unfiltered apple juice as well.

Got any good recipes that call for copious amounts of juice? Anyone?


4 Responses

  1. Maybe you can use the apple juice in a brine for some chicken or cook it down to make a glaze? Or…throw in some champagne and send it off with Jodus for the potluck 🙂

    I’ve been trying to wake up early to workout too and it’s SO hard. Really. I hope it gets easier, because working out after work or at lunch really isn’t a great option for me.

  2. Martha Stewart has a recipe for french toast that requires orange juice. And it’s amazing!

  3. I’m pretty sure Brie (of Brie Fit fame, of course) has a chili recipe with apple juice. You should go peek around on her blog for it! You know what orange juice is also great in?? SANGRIA!! Just throwing that out there.

    Damn Leah, I am exhausted these days too. I think our busy summers are catching up with us. I know I’ve got you on a lean mean workout plan, but there is nothing wrong with stepping back and taking a rest when you need it. Perhaps I should take my own advice?

  4. Haha for sleeping in! I read that post just before I went to bed on the East Coast and I was feeling the same way. Somehow, I managed to get up.
    Your veggie scrambles always look SO good. Few ideas for the OJ…Homemade marinade. Dressing in a Southwest Pasta Salad, I’ve made this one before, it only uses 1/4 of a cup of oj though
    Some granola recipes that use OJ for some of the sweetener, if you want to try that out for us!

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