Alone In The World

So, I didn’t tell you guys…

Yesterday. The world ended.

My world, that is.

Okay, okay. I’m being a bit melodramatic. But seriously!

I left my blackberry at home.

In my exhausted state, I totally spaced it. I haven’t forgotten it in eons.

And it drove me CRAZY yesterday. All day. I felt completely detached. My work is a little nazi-ish about the internet usage so all pictures on blog reading get blocked. WordPress is blocked. No Twitter. No Facebook. Nada. It meant that I actually had to GASP! work.

I kid, I kid. I do work. I work hard. But I also play hard. And after a rough task, I’ll check my twitter or look at Google Reader for a hot minute. (And you know it is hot! 😉 hehe…)

But yesterday, I had nothing to escape too. It was probably good for me in some sadistic sort of way.

I also left the house with an iced coffee.

That’s how my Monday way.

Today, I had my blackberry in tow.

But I still forgot coffee.

And given yesterday’s track record, I knew that had to be remedied.


(Shhhhh, don’t tell the husband!)

A grande soy misto brightened up my morning instantly! 😀

Morning snack:


Mmmm, Chobani!

Lunch was leftover Barley Summer Salad. 


Very good still! I mobbed on it while playing sudoku. (I’m so far behind it isn’t even funny! I have one of those calendars with a sudoku a day. I stash the ones I don’t get around to. Well, I finally broke back into the August barrier. So I’m only 23 days behind schedule! Give me another week & a half and I’ll be caught up!)

Afternoon snack #1:


An egg a day keeps the doctor away?

Afternoon snack #2:


I don’t know why I’ve been miss-snacks-a-lot in the afternoons lately. I know my lunch is substantial enough. Hmph.

Dinner is going. The sprinkler is going. The shoes are off. Tonight is gonna be a good night!


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