Lady Gaga at the Tacoma Dome

Oh man, yesterday was a crazy day! A looooong crazy day. We left the house around 11 and headed directly to Tacoma.

1st stop: MSM Deli


Obviously, the place rocks. It’s packed to the gills anytime you go in!


It doesn’t look like much. It’s really small and ghetto. But o.m.g. The sandwiches are sooooo good! And there is nothing healthy about them really. And they are just standard subs. But the bread is chewy and flaky. The proportions of everything is on par.


We ordered the Mike’s Deluxe. I’m convinced it is the best sandwich they have.


Havarti instead of swiss, no pickles, please!


Mmmm, so good!


I ate half right away and the other half a couple hours later after we ran some errands around Tacoma. We went and got my rings cleaned and inspected. And we did a little shopping at the mall.

You know you’re in Tacoma when…

009 011


Our next stop was way the heck out in Snoqualmie to see Linn. We hung out for about an hour before fighting traffic into Renton to go to IKEA!

We shopped around and stopped for dinner at their restaurant.

019 020

We each ordered Swedish Meatballs and split a “Veggie Plate,” not to be confused with a salad?

015 016 017

I gave a couple of meatballs to the boy and ended up making a decent dent in the veggies even though they weren’t at all good.

We ended up getting some good stuff at Ikea but had some trouble getting it to fit in the car. Uh oh.

The boy is a genius though and said, “We should take it out of the box!”



We fought traffic into Tacoma and arrived safely at the dome at 7:40.

Then we sat in the parking lot for half an hour pounding a 6-pack.


2.25 for me, 3.75 for him.

That’s actually my first time having BL Golden Wheat and I really liked it! Except I think we should have done shots of Vodka instead of beer because beer is more filling than buzz-inducing.

FINALLY it was time for Gaga!


Oh wait, no. I mean, Semi-Precious Weapons. Apparently they were the opener for Gaga.


And they SUCKED. Their front man was annoying and I just couldn’t get past him to even try and enjoy the music. I’d never heard them before though so I have no idea if that was just the show-man-ship or what.

GAGA on the other hand, was AMAZING!


The Tacoma Dome was filled with 20,000 little monsters, all there to see their idol.


There were a million and 1 set changes.

058 064 082 092 109 120 129 179186

And even more wardrobe changes.

057 079 083 087 091 096 117 161165 182

And the transitions between her sets of songs were great.

036 040 080 081 147

And she spent a fair amount of time just talking to us. And her message was amazing. She is so fantastic.


Her concert told a story. It was a true show. If you ever get the chance to go, TAKE IT. It’s one of the best shows I’ve been too.

Videos to come!


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