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Going GaGa

It’s looking like it is going to shape up to a beautiful day here! That’s a nice change of pace from the last couple days of doom and gloom! We set the alarm for 6:45 in hopes of getting to the gym when they open at 7. Well, I was hopping on the elliptical at 7:30. It’s Saturday. Slow starts are allowed.

Today, I did Phase 1, workout 2. I had intended on doing that yesterday but obviously that didn’t happen due to the alarm mishap. (I really do feel bad about that.)

  Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1a 1-arm DB row 15# DBs, x12 20# DBs, x12 20# DBs, x12
1b Incline Chest Fly 8# DBs, x12 8# DBs, x12 8# DBs, x12
1c 1-leg Squat BW, x12 BW, x12 BW, x12
2a Upright BB Row 30#, x12 30#, x12 30#, x12
2b Prone Jackknife BW, x12 BW, x12 BW, x12
2c Hamstring Curl
on ball
BW, x12 BW, x12 BW, x12
3a Skull Crusher 20#, x12 20#, x12 20#, x12
3b Twisting Curl 12.5# DBs, x12 10# DBs, x12 10# DBs, x12
3c Squat Jumps BW, x12 BW, x12 BW, x12

Today’s inner monologue:

Whew! That warm-up went by fast. Kinda wish I could just keep ellipticizing.

Ahhh, but stretching feels so nice. Can’t I just do this for an hour?

Oy, hamstrings are always so tiiiight!

Wow, that guy is ripped! I don’t know if I want to row in front of him.

Wheee! That was kinda easy! I should go up next time.

Damn chest fly. I feel puny with  my little 8-pounders.

I look ridiculous.


Yep, going up a weight was good. This is perfect.

Gawd, that guy is huge!


Row, Row, Row your boat!

What’s that clicking in my shoulder?

My balance sucks.

Whew. 1 set down, 2 more to go!

I’m totally digging this barbell row. Kinda makes me feel macho.

Wow! Made it through a set of jackknifes without stopping!

Feel the burn!

What is that guy doing?

Oh lord, jackknife. Puketastic.

Check out that hottie on the treadmill!

Why can’t these barbells go up in 5# increments?

OMG last jackknife THANK GOD.

Heeeeeey good lookin’!

How much would it suck if I actually crushed my skull?

Why is my left arm soooo much weaker than my right? WTF?

7…8…9… Eff squat jumps.

Shit, I better hurry before the Zumba class gets in here.

I wanna take a Zumba class! Maybe I can campaign for a 5am class? Yay right.

Again, why can’t the barbells be in 5# increments?! I could totally go up a little!

OMG left. arm. dying. I won’t even be able to lift my beer bottle up tonight.

Squat. Jump. Squat. Jump. AGGGGHHHHH.

PRODIGY! Perfect song to my final set!

I hope that by me using the puny barbell, I motivated that woman to increase her weight by forcing her to use the 30 for whatever the heck that move is.

What is that move?

Oh shit. Hot guy in the aerobics room for my last set of squat jumps. I better not make an ass out of myself.

Wow, maybe hot guy should always be in there. That was the best set yet!

Meeeh, might as well pull up a mat and do some stretching.

Look at his calves! Yummy!

Ready to go home, babe?”



First breakfast:


Green Monster with banana, strawberry, soymilk, spinach.

[Insert shower here.]

Second breakfast:


Toast, soysage, fried egg.

Plus iced coffee.


Seeing double on the boy’s plate:


(Plus hot coffee!)


Jamming out to Gaga already! Wheee! We are on the go until late late tonight so I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow! Happy Saturday!


2 Responses

  1. I LOVED reading through your inner monologue! Sooooo funny. You’re too cute. 😉

    I feel bad about yesterday’s alarm mishap too. Totally my fault. But I’m proud of us for making up for it by going straight to the gym on a Saturday morning. Yey us!

    Oh, and I freakin’ LOVE your fried eggs. Breakfast (1) and (2) really hit the spot. Thanks, sweetie!

  2. Ahahaha, that inner monologue is hilarious. Pretty sure I really did almost puke doing a combo of squat jumps and jackknives on Friday 😛

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