Boat Shed

Tonight we dined at The Boat Shed Restaurant in Bremerton.


It was a going away dinner for one of Jodus’ coworkers – we had a good group of people. Jodus works with amazing, wonderful albeit camera shy people!

We started with a round of drinks – Cosmo for me (x2), IPA for him (x3).


And we started with bread.

037 038

x3. There was apparently a wedding party that had priority in the kitchen because our meal took a looong time to come out. At least we were in good (camera-shy) company!

The view was gorgeous. We sat out on the deck and got to watch the sunset.

031 039 043 059

For my entree, I ordered the Garlic & Herb Tiger Prawns with rice and vegetables.

036 054
I thought these were regular shrimps though – not tiger prawns. But maybe I’m confused?

049 052 053

But they were quite tasty.


The boy ordered the crab cakes.

045 047

Also very good.


We just aren’t sure the price was worth it. There were cheaper things on the menu like sandwiches and burgers. But the seafood was good.

I think the ambiance is what the place is known for though.

060 061 062 063

I’m sure we shall be returning!


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  1. […] Last night, we had the pleasure of going out to dinner with one of Jodus’ coworkers and her husband at The Boat Shed. (We’ve been once before for another one of his work functions!) […]

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