Shop, Eat, Watch

There IS a God!


Our Costco has Chobani!!!!!!!


Sweet nectar!

It’s been too long!

I’ll show you the other goods while I’m at it!


Tomatoes… x2.

010 011  013

Artisan Lettuce


Feta (So good but soooo bad for my digestive system!)


Gorgeous Strawberries!


Bananas… x2 – green & greener!


Wild Salmon – this isn’t a norm purchase but we had a change of plans this upcoming week so a dinner opened up and salmon sounded really good.


Corn (Cuz I’m a corny gal!)


The boy was suuuuper cute last night and surprised me with Eat, Pray, Love movie tickets! Wheeee!


I’ve read the book. I liked it. India disappointed me but I think that is the general consensus. I adore Julia Roberts so I was really stoked to watch this flick!

But first, we went out do dinner in Poulsbo – our favorite town on this side of the water!

029 030

Jodus had been  here before with work peeps and said he liked it. It looks a little run down from the outside  but the interior decoration was fun!

031 032055

Desks on the ceiling? Why not!


(Tiny rant: I’ve noticed that very few restaurants on the peninsula actually have websites. What’s up with that?!)

I jumped for joy a little  bit when doughy breadsticks were laid down in front of us!


I think I had 3 over the course of the meal?

Since it was date night, the boy ordered us drinks. Cosmo for me!


Gin & Tonic for him. Boy were our drinks strong! It took me the entire meal to get mine down! The boy said his second G&T (!!) was basically straight gin. Barf.

Husband & Wife

037 050

I had a hard time ordering. I wanted something with minimal cheese, no cream. I’ve been mean to my digestive system lately with all the eating out. I needed to be kind to my body. So I ended up getting Pasta Primavera.


The meals came with salads to start.


I got Italian dressing with mine. And picked the single cucumber slice off.


I was excited to see squash in the mix of veggies! It was a decent meal. I polished it off. I needed to to soak up that cosmo! 😉

We headed over to the cinema for EPL. I enjoyed it. But it is always hard to watch a movie after reading the book. So many details are lost. And the relationships aren’t as developed. I almost feel like it could have been made into 3 separate movies. But I think Julia Roberts did a great job. And I loved that James Franco was in it!

I asked Jodus for his opinion since he hadn’t read the book. He thought it was cute. He thought Julia Roberts did a beautiful job acting, like always. He enjoyed the story and thought it was very entertaining and he enjoyed watching it. And he liked the different locations that the story took place in – it was like going on a vacation. Now he wants to go to Italy for some sausage. 😉 haha.

Because I have spent so much time immersed in the Indian culture, the wedding scene struck a chord with me. And I loved the Thanksgiving scene in Italy. I felt like the transitions between the locations wasn’t developed at all which kind of bugged me. But oh well. I’m nit-picking. It’s what I do. 🙂


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  1. I’ve been dragging my feet seeing the movie. I loved the book so much and I know the movie won’t live up to that…

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