Monster Jam

I  love waking up to our new light filled house! We managed to sleep in until 8 and lounged around until nearly 10 before making breakfast! Love mornings like that!

We had some spinach that had been in the fridge for awhile… that only means one thing!


Green monster!


For two: 3 large handfuls of spinach, 2 over-ripe bananas, 7 large strawberries, 7 ice cubes, soymilk.


My banana basket made me giggle today!


There is actually bananas from 4 different bunches at different levels of ripeness in there!

For a little bit of solid breakfast, I made toast and tried out a new fruit spread.


I love different fruits for spreads. I get tired of grape and strawberry.


I don’t think I’d ever had plum before!


I always look for 100% fruit spreads. They are the best! 😀

We’re off to enjoy the sunshine! Going to hit the Farmer’s Market, Central Market, and maybe do some yard work (!!! I HAVE A YARD!!!) this afternoon!


One Response

  1. Haha! Looks like my bananas! I usually use those too-ripe ones for Monster shakes.

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