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We finally got our butts out of the house after 10! In an effort to learn more about what the area has to offer, we decided to hit up a different farmer’s market. Today’s stop: Bainbridge Island!


We took the scenic route around the island to get to Winslow where the market was held.

079 081

Bainbridge is an adorable place. Very nicely maintained… but for a price! It’s a little swanky for our moderate budget.

082 109083 091144 095 096 084097 085  086 087 092

And unfortunately, that was reflected in the price of the produce at their market.

089 090 093 094

It was a really small market; smaller than last week’s Poulsbo market. But it seemed to have a little more variety in produce even though it was fewer vendors. We ended up getting 3 zucchini, a large bag of basil, and a red onion. I think it was $10?

After our shopping, we walked down to the marina.

102 103 104 105 106 107 108 

We decided to get lunch on the island, mostly just to try something new! We’ve been eating out a lot more than usual, but I really think it is just the newness of everything and feeling like we want to try all these places. But we plan to be around here for a few years so we have to tell ourselves that we have time to try everything!

We stopped at Cafe Nola.


They had really cute outdoor seating but the heat was a little bit much so we cooled down inside for lunch.


I liked the feel of the place a lot! They were pretty busy but we got seated right away since we were just a party of 2!

124 128

I ordered the Focaccia Rosti Sandwich.

123 134 137

I swapped a side salad for the fries or chips it usually comes with. (Cost $1.75 though!)

138 141 142

The boy ordered the chicken club with fries. (bluuuuuurrrry)


We both agreed that my meal was better. The vinaigrette on the salad was perfect and the sandwich was really flavorful. His sandwich was pretty standard. It needed a special sauce or something on it.


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  1. Great photos of Bainbridge!

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