Friday GLO

Aw, happy Friday! We’ll ignore that it’s the 13th for now. 😉

We hit the gym again! YAY!

Still playing around with pre-gym fuel! I had half a banana before and half after in the car.


I loved having half a banana to come back to right after my workout so this might be a good option for me.

I completed the second workout of Susan’s Phase 1 for me.

5 min warm-up on the elliptical, HR ~155.

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1a 1-Arm DB
15#, 3×12 15#, 3×12 15#, 3×12
1b Incline Chest Fly 5# DBs, 3×12 5# DBs, 3×12 5# DBs, 3×12
1c 1-Leg Squat BW, 3×12 BW, 3×12 BW, 3×12
2a Upright
BB Row
45#, 3×10 30#, 3×12 30#, 3×12
2b Prone Jackknife BW, 3×10 BW, 3×10 BW, 3×10
2c Hamstring Curl on ball BW, 3×12 BW, 3×12 BW, 3×12
3a Skull Crusher 20#, 3×12 20#, 3×12 20#, 3×12
3b Twisting Curl 10# DBs, 3×12 10# DBs, 3×12 10# DBs, 3×12
3c Squat Jumps BW, 3×12 BW, 3×12 BW, 3×12

My thoughts:

Alternating set 1: I felt good with the row. The chest fly made me really nervous because my shoulders are pieces of crap (torn rotator cuff injury) so I went really light on these but was still challenged. And the squat was tough. I didn’t feel like I was getting low enough.

Alternating set 2: Obviously, I was an overachiever on the first set. But the 30 bar was just about right. I wish they went up in increments of 5 but alas, they do not. The next step up is 40. Jackknifes kick my ass. They always have. They always will. Liked the hammie curls except I was over zealous a couple times and the ball slipped out from under me and I fell on my already sore toosh.

Alternating set 3: Love the skull crushers. Twisting curls were really tough towards the end. And squat jumps are puketastic. I’d get to about 9 in a row before having to shake it out a little bit to finish the set.

For breakfast, I channeled my inner Angela!


She always makes really decadent, beautiful, nutritious breakfasts!


I wanted to spruce up our leftover blueberry pancakes so I topped them with banana slice, carob chips, agave, and coconut flakes.


I even hid some carob chips in between pancakes for a special Friday treat!


It was a little dry. Reheating never helps that. And I was trying to be frugal with the agave. But it was a nice treat!


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  1. Those pancakes look great. I’ve never attempted making pancakes with fruit in it. I need to try asap!

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