Mixing It Up

The alarm went off at 4:45 and the boy and I exchanged mutual grumbles and decided it would be in our best interest to sleep for another hour instead of go to the gym. Best to ease into working out, right? 😉 We are both actually pretty sore (in a good way) so the day off was kind of nice. The hour of sleep was priceless.

Breakfast was down and dirty, quick and easy!




We reheated leftover waffles from last week (frozen) and topped it was AB sauce (almond butter + soymilk).


My waffle was a little deformed. But delicious.

Super exciting today! The boy and I left our respective jobs a little after 10 this morning to play hooky for the rest of the day!


Yep! We went to a Mariners game! A big group of people from his work got tickets to go so we joined it. Can’t stay away from the city for too long!

We grabbed lunch on the way to the (late) ferry.


Subway is so ridiculously easy and cheap. *sigh*

Buffalo chicken, no cheese, on wheat, lots of veggies, extra buffalo sauce and ranch.


Eaten en route to Seattle!


We also played some cribbage. (It’s an hour long ferry ride.)


I won. 3 times over the course of the day.

We were also super ninja and brought bottled water. We drank half of one with lunch so I spiked the rest of it with some Pom!


Unfortunately, it got confiscated going into the stadium. BOO.

We hiked down to the stadium then hiked up to the nose bleed cheap-o seats.


Good news – I got to test out my new lens.

026 035 051 062 071

Not too shabby, eh?

One of the guys lined up a couple reader boards for the group!




We had a dandy time – Mariners lost 1-5 though.


Afterwards, we headed with a couple guys down to Pyramid brewery.


Can’t go to a brewery and not have brew! I had a Curveball (blonde).

The boy and I split the pita dip plate.


And I had a few of George’s garlic fries with aioli.

We trekked back to the ferry (1 mile), played some cribbage, then headed home… almost.

We stopped at Safeway to pick up a couple things.

And ended up here.

094 097

The Toadhouse is a place that Jodus has been mentioning he’d like to go to. It’s basically right next to Safeway so why not?

I loved the atmosphere and decor right away.

099 102 100

And I love that the wood-fire stove was open!

098 122

There was a small patio area out back but it was pretty full so we sat inside.


The place has a TON of beers.


But in an effort to save calories (and money), we stuck with water.


I started with a green side salad.


It was pretty basic. I jazzed it up with some balsamic.


We split the Dragon Fire pizza.

108 118

It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it was going to be. But it was a classic style pizza – white doughy crust, cheesy, meaty. Not my favorite style but it’s pretty good now and again.

125 126

I had 2 slices and I’m making the boy take the leftovers for his lunch.

Going out on a Wednesday is totally random and fun and really breaks up the week! The next two days are going to fly!


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  1. Oh how I would love to go to a Mariners game!

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