Our Work is Never Done

This weekend has been full of long days! I’m not really complaining though!

This morning, we woke up at 7 again. But not by choice. Some dingle berry forgot to turn off the alarm from yesterday. Oh well. (That dingle berry is me, btw.)

We held off on breakfast for a couple hours which was actually a nice change of pace! We waited until we were hungry instead of staying on a schedule.


Boy made me early-birthday pancakes!


Blueberry pancakes with soysage!


It was a nice treat!


I just had to plop down and eat!

I had a somewhat leisurely morning. I did a bunch of restaurant reviews I had been meaning to do for awhile so that was productive. We also did some more work around the house.

Lunch was quick and easy!


Leftovers + wild rice

011 012 013

And a pom spritzer for fun!

016 018

After lunch, we signed up for the gym!

And we cruised around and found a state park and a preserve close by – perfect for walking a dog!!

AND then we worked around the house some more.

Dinner was easy! I roasted a chicken, some potatoes, and steamed some green beans!

025 024 027

The perfect Sunday evening dinner, if you ask me!


(Another pom spritzer!)

And the perfect dinner date!


We are off to watch a movie on our sexy new TV! (Well, almost sexy. We are still having some technical difficulties with the picture cutting in and out while watching a dvd on our blu ray player. Anyone? Help?)


Tomorrow is a BIG day! It’s my birthday, AND we are starting AM workouts! Wheee! (I won’t be so excited at 4:45 when the alarm goes off!)


3 Responses

  1. Happy almost birthday! I’m beyond impressed that you’re getting up that early to work out, on your birthday of all days. That’s awesome.

  2. Mmmmmmm I had roasted chicken 3 times last week (leftovers too) and it was almost as delicious as the first day, every day! LOL
    I love (LOVE) the red wall. And the tv sure is a sexy beast 😉 The only thing I could think of are loose wires for the picture cutting in and out. I’m excited for you finding nearby parks and signing up for the gym. I need to get back to schedule, eventually. HAPPY B-DAY!

  3. Happy Birthday to my incredible wife! I sure do love you! I still can’t believe we started your birthday off by waking up at 4:45 and heading to our new gym for our first workouts in I don’t know how long. Especially after our jam packed weekend. Here’s to our new healthy routine! And to you of course!!

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