Drink Locally

My friends. My neighbors. My all.

Today is Friday.

Today was a good day.

Today, I felt truly happy.

The happiest I’ve been in a long time.

My first week at work was highly successful and I really like my new boss. The commute rocks. I love our new place. I’m overwhelmed with a sense of general euphoria. I even caught myself smiling on the way home today. It’s sick,  I know.


Blueberries bursting in my mouth also make me smile.


I tried something “new” with the oats today – I added an egg. I heard it makes them custardy.


It definitely changed the consistency. I don’t know if I liked it. It did add a lot of sustenance though. I finished maybe 3/4’s this bowl and handed the rest to the boy.


Iced coffee for added Friday fun!


Lunch was leftover stir-fry, sans rice.


And a naner, and an HB egg.


It did the trick.


At home, I was greeted with an ever-growing birthday mail stack!


From my mother, my MIL, and my SIL! Whee! Yay for birthday weekends, weeks, and months!

You know how I was going to drink less beer and eat better?

044 038



We went shopping after work (Good purchases! You shall see!) and hit the new Hale’s Ale’s at the Kitsap Mall. We went to the original Hale’s Ale’s in Ballard back in October with Jodus’ dad and had a decent enough meal.


Unfortunately, tonight left little to be desired.

We started with beer samplers. I got a mix of light beers, he got a mix of IPAs.

046 033 034

My details:


I’ve had the Kolsch before and like it but not adore.


The Pilsner I liked, but I like most pilsners.


Cream ale = love! It’s so smooth! Goes down way too easy!


The pale lager was meh. I’m not necessarily a pale fan. (I’m a beer pansy.) But it was tolerable.


And finished off with the pale. Again, it was meh. But I’m partial to hefe & pils.

Minor pet peeve – the beers were not in proper drinking order on the board.

Another pet peeve – it took forever to get our beer, and more importantly, h2o! We were thirstaaaay!

For an appetizer, we split a small nacho.


Piled high with sour cream – I’m not complaining!


It was $1 to get black beans added to the mix. And I wish I had asked for no olives. Oh well. The nachos had a good kick to them! Lots of jalapeno!

Weird note – as a food blogger, I’ve photographed a lot of restaurants. Both the wait staff and the management commented on me and my photography today. And actually engaged in conversation about it. It was a little different than the norm I experience. And it got the management to check in on us after our meal on what we though!

For my main meal, I ordered the salmon BLT with a pub salad.

036 037 056060

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed.


I didn’t like how thick the salmon filet was – it made it very difficult to eat. And I thought that the salmon generally lacked any sort of flavor. The tarragon mayo was good… but that was the only thing I tasted. The salad dressing was good! I finished one half of the sandwich and picked the bacon off the second half and left the rest.


I left the cukes (in all forms) alone!


The boy ordered the bacon bleu burger.


The burger was slightly overdone and again, generally lacked much flavor.


Not impressed. But the amount of bleu was nice!

And the jo-jo’s were really dry.

Now, we might be biased, since we are card carrying members of the Silver City Brewery, right across the street and all. But I doubt we return here. We gave our feedback to the management and he said he’ll tell the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad by any means. It just lacked a wow factor and if I am paying to eat out, I want to be wowed!

The atmosphere was nice, but more restaurant than brew pub like the original Hale’s Ale’s. Oh well. You can’t win them all. At least I had good company that listened to me blabber on about my new job. 😉

I’m off to go hang art (at 9pm on a Friday night)!

See ya!


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