Put a Fork in it.

You know what today is?

waffle cartoon

Waffle Wednesday!


Multigrain blueberry waffles make me SMILE!


I topped with a drizzle of agave and they were perfectamundo!


Morning snack: HB egg + Yami.


The egg went down the hatch too fast to photograph. 😉

Lunch looked a lot like yesterdays…


Except I added some cubed tofu to the salad.

003 004 



A fork! Made it much easier to eat!


Plus a banana.



Maybe you have noticed, maybe you couldn’t care less, but I’ve been really trying to ramp up on the veggies, cut down on portion sizes, and cut down on snacking.

Why? Um. I’m officially into weight-loss mode. My big jeans are tight. It’s a problem. We’ve been playing pretty hard the last few months between the wedding and honeymoon, events, self inflicted happy hours and work happy hours, moving. Now it is time to work hard. We have a house to settle into, a new job to kick butt at, and time to get back to our happy weights.

Yes, our. This is not a solo effort, nor was it a solo demise. Both of us are up ~15 lbs from our happy low weights (not to be confused with unhappy low weights). The diet is always something easy for me to realign but the exercise factor? Kill me now.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of exercise. I have to force myself. I get very little joy out of it. I hate running. I have plantar fasciitis. I’m a cranky pants. But it’s got to get done.

Waaaay back when, pre-blog days, the boy and I used to get up early and go to the gym before work together every morning. We are going to start doing that again. But the first step is to find a gym. The closest (that is a reasonable price) is Westcoast Fitness. It doesn’t look like much from the website and we haven’t been to see it yet but we are hoping it is acceptable so we have no problems joining. Otherwise, we might have issues.

By next Monday, I’m hoping we are rocking and rolling and kicking ass and taking names and all that jazz. So you guys are going to have to start suffering with seeing my workouts, hearing me complain about exercising, and being a little more conscientious about food habits. I’m going to be reporting 99% of all my eats and snacking which I don’t typically do. So that’ll be fun.

On that note, I had a small square of dark chocolate when I got home from work today. 😀

And string cheese.


And a campari tomato.


Obviously, I had the munchies.

(PS – look at all that light in the background! LOVE!)

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd back to our regular scheduled programming – dinner!


At 5, our landlady + maintenance dude came by so dinner was later than usual. Yes, we are 82 and eat dinner during the early bird special. We successfully signed our lease and gave a massive to-do list to the maintenance dude. Still working on negotiating getting paid (because they can’t take it off our rent) for doing work around the place. We shall see.

I cooked up a couple chicken breasts, sprinkled with Jamaican Jerk.


A little crispy. Oops!

And a couscous mix with campari tomatoes, asparagus, and garbanzo beans, seasoned with a little lemon juice, olive oil, and salt.


It was a decent enough dinner. I should have thrown the asparagus in the boiling water for the couscous a little earlier but oh well.


After dinner, we finished the garage! Our cars are sleeping together for the first time ever! It’s quite the momentous occasion!

We are off to read until bedtime!

Good-bye, hump day!


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know if you meant to be profound, but I love “happy low weight” vs “unhappy low weight.” I got to the latter last year, then gained 15 lbs and I’m just not sure what my “happy low weight” even is, but I know I’m not there. And I am SO the opposite…time permitting I’d exercise two hours a day, I love it, but the eating…gets me every time! Darn sweet tooth.

    I’m here to support ya, friend! I know those jeans’ll start fitting perfectly in no time 🙂

  2. my whole friend group seem to be getting healthy at the moment its really inspiring to watch 🙂
    i may even take note!…well….i’ll still have the waffles!

    xx peony

  3. Those blueberry waffles you made were amazing! I sure do love it when we remember to celebrate Waffle Wednesdays.

    I am in full support of our goal to get back in shape and down to our “happy low weights”. I think going to the gym together each morning will be a big motivating factor. I’m actually excited to be lifting weights and running again. My jeans are tight too! Haha.

    Oh, and what a weight off my shoulders to finally have our lease signed and rent/deposit paid. I don’t know why not having that done before the move bothered me so much, but it did.

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